Eric is wonderful at what he does and will do his best to ensure that any potential firm syncs well with your career objectives.


I want to connect you with Eric Girard, the recruiter I worked with this summer. You know I had a great experience because we’ve talked at length about how impressed I was with Eric’s specialized approach. I highly recommend working with Eric has great connections in Dallas and throughout Texas. 


Megan – I was surprised at how helpful I found our talk on Friday, and on how well-informed and connected you seem. Definitely different than most conversations I’ve had with recruiters.

Partner Candidate

…you are a gifted writer. I could not have done a better job on my own bio. Thanks.

General Counsel candidate

I must admit, my head is really spinning at this point. You guys have done a great job of marketing; to have 2 such great offers come in the same week is really impressive.

Partner Placed at National Law Firm

Alysa’s ability to find the firm that was a perfect match for me is what sets her apart from other legal recruiters. Finding the “right match” for her clients is the most important thing to Alysa.

Partner Placed at National Law Firm

Lee Allbritton is frank and helpful. I truly got the feeling he was more interested in seeing a good result for his clients than in earning a big fee.

Anonymous Poster – “Greedy Texas Board"

I also used Lee Allbritton… He’ll tell you the reasons NOT to go with one firm or another. He set up a bunch of interviews for me as well. He even took me to dinner after a couple of interviews to discuss how things went. I thought that was great.

Anonymous Poster – “Greedy Texas Board"

I thank you for your friendship and your continuing support. Your professionalism and personal caring are incredible traits.

Managing Partner at Houston Office of National Law Firm

I just wanted to say thanks again for everything. You are truly head and shoulders above your competition.

Partner Placed with Am Law 20 Firm