Partners with Lots of Business…..

Killer Trial Attorneys (Who Play Nice with Others in the Office…)

JD/MBA, who Happens to Also be Fluent in Portuguese…

All of these, and many more, have been given to Amicus and Amicus has delivered. Identifying, recruiting and placing someone with the combination of skill, reputation, and drive is a tall order and one that can tax the most patient and determined employer. As an attorney search firm, we relish the challenge and take pride in quickly ascertaining your expectations, conducting an intense, discreet search, and introducing to you only those candidates who perfectly match the search criteria.

Although we have developed a state-of-the-art proprietary candidate database, we embark freshly upon each new search so that you will have the benefit of all possible candidates ­ not just those who are already known to us. You may also be assured that, prior to your investment of time and energy into the interview process, every candidate whom we present will have been thoroughly vetted and will be fully informed about you and your expectations and will be sincerely interested in you.

Employers who work with Amicus may expect:

Respect for Your Time

We value your trust and respect your time. Therefore, you may be assured that we will present to you only candidates who are qualified, interested and socially compatible with the organization. In our written presentation to you, we make every effort to anticipate and address every question which you may reasonably have about a candidate, saving you time to focus on the position at hand.

Speed and Accuracy

With multiple legal recruiters in each market served, we can quickly and efficiently research the candidate pool, contact and interview the candidates, and present to you the most suitable candidates.

Understanding Your Unique Needs

As we do with our candidates, we take the time and interest to learn as much about our employer clients, their culture and expectations, so that we can effectively communicate the advantages of joining your team. Amicus candidates consistently remark to us how impressed they are at the depth of our knowledge of our employer clients. This inside knowledge is a substantial factor in our success.