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legal recruiters DallasMost corporations and legal firms in search of a new attorney will turn to legal recruiters Dallas for guidance. A recruiter should do more than forward resumes from prospective employees to you. They should be proactive and interview the staff members who will be working with the new counsel to find out what experience, education and legal approach are desired by supervisors and co-workers. A good legal search firm does their homework by getting a full understanding of the employer’s needs and working with them to find the best candidate.

It’s important for companies to hire specialized placement services instead of “headhunters” who include legal recruiting as part of a general employment search firm. While some of these search forms have been in business for many years, they still can’t give you the level of service of legal recruiters Dallas.

At Amicus Search, we only recruit lawyers and place them in legal firms and corporations. Legal recruiting is not a sideline or one of many agency departments, it’s what we do. Most of our candidates come from referrals while others submit their resumes directly to us. We personally interview all clients and check references. Amicus Search candidates are among the top lawyers in Texas, with proven track records and specialties. We’ll spend quality time researching your needs to match them with just the right candidate. Our staff of legal recruiters Dallas has over two decades experience vetting and placing general counsels and in-house counsels for corporate clients. When an employer contacts us, we learn all we can about what they are looking for in a candidate, and search our database for a lawyer who matches your needs. Whether you need an attorney who specializes in intellectual property, government contracts, the energy industry, medical malpractice or another area, our legal recruiters Dallas can find the perfect match for you.

We’ll provide you with a written introduction that highlights each candidate’s qualifications. When we interview candidates, we focus on more than their work and educational qualifications. Our interviewer will determine what type of corporate climate or legal firm is a good fit for the candidate, and we’ll present their qualifications only to compatible organizations. This saves employers and candidates valuable time.

Texas law firms and corporations can depend on us for a pool of top-tier candidates. Most of the candidates we place in top Texas firms stay at least three years. Our recruiting experience and knowledge of the Dallas legal field gets results. You can read testimonials from satisfied candidates and employers on our website. Dallas area employers and candidates can call us at 214-220-1188. We’ll help your company assemble an outstanding legal team.


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