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legal recruiters HoustonThe top choice for legal recruiters Houston, Amicus Search assists companies and law firms in the hiring process. We belong to the Amicus Search Group, which recruits lawyers in Dallas, Austin and Houston. Founded in 2004, we’ve already risen to the top in all three markets. We place chief legal officers, general counsels and other staff lawyers with Texas corporations. Most of our corporate placements are a result of referrals from law firms.

Our staff also recruits associates and partners for legal firms. Ninety percent of our placements remain with their firms three years or more after hire. This retention rate confirms our position as one of the best legal recruiters Houston. We match candidates to positions after thorough research to assure the lawyer’s skills are a good fit for the firm or corporation.

Our legal recruiters Houston respect candidates’ privacy. Utmost discretion is assured during the placement process. We keep your job search and all related details confidential. Our recruiters won’t release any personal information without a candidate’s express consent. When we interview clients, we’ll discuss your background and career objectives in person to better assess possible job openings. We’ll provide you with an accurate analysis of market conditions and your options. With your permission, we’ll contact potential employers with an impartial letter stating your accomplishments and strengths. You’ll receive a copy of this letter via e-mail for your records. Before each interview with a prospective employer, we’ll give you pertinent information about the firm and the interviewers so you can tailor your responses to their needs. Our recruiting team will discuss any job offers with you, counseling you on the pros and cons of each one. If you accept an offer, we’ll counsel you on the appropriate way to resign from your current position.

Texas Lawyer magazine named Amicus Search the best staffing agency of 2013. We vet candidates from submitted resumes and recommendations. We check applicants’ work histories, college records and certifications to ensure that our candidates have the best references and curriculum vitae to present to employers.

Amicus Search founders Lee Allbritton, Esq. and Alysa Schildcrout have extensive background as legal recruiters Houston. Mr Allbritton practiced law for two well-known Texas firms before transitioning into the attorney recruiting in 1997. Mr Allbritton has successfully placed over 500 attorneys. Ms.Schildcrout has worked as a legal recruiter since 1996, placing hundreds of attorneys with new firms. She also counsels energy companies and their management on hiring decisions. Attorneys looking for a new position should contact Amicus Search in Houston at 713-659-0600 or submit your resume through our website.

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